February 12, 2018

By JC Shurburtt

If you’ve spent your career online the past decade or so as I have, you know that online trolls are a fact of Internet life.

When you have trolls invade your online community, you ban them and then the rest of your community helps to clean up any sort of damage. It’s literally the easiest thing to deal with when moderating any online/social entity.

That’s why the weaponizing of trolls by the Russian government and their actors to cause discord with our electorate and the overly-dramatic, clueless response of our government is laughable.

Let me be clear that when I speak of the government’s response, I am not talking about special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation. This has more to do with an out-of-touch and highly-polarized Congress yap, yap, tapping and doing nothing and the executive branch whistling past the graveyard because President Trump’s ego can’t handle any talk of anyone but him winning the election in November of 2016.

Trolls are easy to combat. Former FBI director James Comey said it best when he suggested the U.S. needs its own “Troll Army” to counteract whatever bad actors are out there. This is not a complicated fix. You could literally hire thousands of recent college graduates that understand social media, that need jobs and give them the resources needed to easily combat whatever the Russians are doing online.

This is not an act of war. This is a problem that has become serious because there aren’t very many people in Washington who understand that there is a simplistic, easy solution here. You fight fire with fire. You fight trolls with trolls of your own. We invented the troll right here in America. There’s no reason why our trolls can’t be better than theirs.

Instead you have Democrats who are so upset that the king of Twitter political trolls Donald Trump is president that they literally get emotional and want to cry when trying to blame everything under the sun for why their bad candidate suffered the most embarrassing election defeat in the history of our country. On the other side of the aisle, you have Republicans who only want to bark back at the Democrats, other Republicans who literally want to fight a war with Russia over this stupidity and still others who want to bring up every negative story (even fringe conspiracy theories) about Hillary Clinton at every turn.

Common sense solutions are rarely thought of in Washington, D.C., these days and this particular subject is a perfect example of how nobody is in touch enough with reality to do anything about it. This is one issue that could be solved quickly if only anyone could stop playing politics for a minute and have a ah-ha moment.

Instead it’s the same old talking points from both parties. The fact that Russia meddled in the election and had success doing it is embarrassing. The response from our leadership across the board, however, is much worse.

President Trump is right about one thing. They are indeed laughing their asses off in Moscow right now. For those that understand exactly what went on, I must say it is indeed comical.

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