We are less than 100 Days from college football! JC and Joel are fired up about kickoff, but not so much when it comes to some of the silly preview stories. Speaking of auspicious days, we mark 500 days of Trump and it keeps getting weirder. Also plenty of talk on wedding cakes, Bernie, baseball and basketball memes. Don’t miss it!

Show Rundown:

The Big POS – College football kicks off in less than three months. The guys talk recruiting and run down some strengths and weaknesses of the top teams. They also hit on some hot-takerry involving Lane Kiffen and unknowable speculation.

Hot Takes – Joel disputes the Trump legal team’s kingly pronouncements. JC takes on Bernie for taking on Disney.

POS Nuggets – The Masterpiece Cake Shop case was decided today, and Joel and JC agree the Supreme Court got it right. Plus, more people are watching memes about the NBA than watching the NBA Finals themselves.

True Champions – Two from the world of baseball, one team and one player.

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