JC and Joel interview Alex Isenstadt, a reporter with DC-based Politico covering Congress and elections across the country. We go on a deep dive with Alex about Tuesday’s primary results and what they mean going forward. As a bonus, Alex’s take on the Golden State Warriors. Plus, our hosts say something nice about Trump, a Stanley Cup update, and predictions.

Show Rundown:

Interview with Alex Isenstadt – Seven states held primaries Tuesday. Most of the focus was on California, but there’s plenty of insight to be gained from results elsewhere about Democrats’ chances to retake the House, and what’s motivating the Republican base. We take a deep dive with Alex.

POS Nuggets – JC and Joel are happy with President Trump’s commutation of Alice Marie Johnson’s sentence. They’re unhappy about the Golden Knights falling apart.

Predictions – Will the Cavs get swept, and who will win the LeBron sweepstakes? Plus, will the North Korea summit actually happen?

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