Donald Trump is taking it up a notch with his beef with the FBI and DOJ. We pick apart the latest conspiracy theory. Elsewhere in politics, no one is doing anything to secure our schools. In sports, a shout out to the Golden Knights, dumb sports reporter questions, and JJ Watt. Also…we answer what Donald Trump and the NBA have in common.

Show Rundown:

The Big POS – The President is lighting up Twitter again, lashing out at anything and everything regarding what Special Counsel Bob Mueller is (or is not) investigating. This time, his blunt object is an unfounded conspiracy theory about the FBI allegedly “implanting” someone in his campaign. Spoiler Alert: There is zero evidence it happened. Joel and JC break down the latest ranting, plus a bigger picture look at how not to handle an investigation.

Hot Takes – Joel argues that the NBA and Donald Trump have more in common than you’d think. JC gives a shout out to the Golden Knights for their remarkable season.

POS Nuggets – The Supreme Court paved the way for legalized sports betting, and for some reason a certain segment of sportswriters believe coaches need to weigh in on it. JC and Joel explain why that’s dumb. In more somber news, the Left and the Right continue to fail our kids by refusing to secure schools in a meaningful way, leading to another tragedy in Texas.

True Champions – A football player and a horse.

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