It’s an absolutely epic edition of The POS Show, where Joel and JC tackle the NFL’s edict on kneeling, Social Justice Warfare gone awry, and a dumb court decision on Twitter. Plus, a Mueller update, poking fun at DC sports, and sad news from sports journalism. Don’t miss it!

Show Rundown:

The Big POS – In an effort to create a compromise, the NFL has perhaps created an even bigger headache for itself with its new National Anthem policy, mandating that players must stand or stay in the locker room. JC and Joel dive in to why the policy is flat out un-American, and how the NFL is creating an entirely new set of problems for itself.

Hot Takes – Social Justice Warriors’ heads are spinning over a Canadian waxing controversy. A federal judge issues a dumb decision regarding Twitter.

POS Nuggets – After a year, narratives and counter-narratives are beginning to take hold regarding the Mueller investigations. JC wants him to hurry up, Joel calls for patience. DC’s hockey team is mocked. Plus, sad news for sports journalism as a major online outlet shutters, reflecting a larger industry trend.

Predictions – June 12th is off, but will we ever get a North Korean summit?

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