JC and Joel have some tough words for the NCAA and their feckless, selective enforcement policies in the wake of their Brian Bowen decision. Elsewhere in basketball, the NBA finals are here, and the guys are not impressed. In politics, President Trump is taking Twitter to a new level. Is it a sign of things to come? Plus, the Roseanne Barr controversy.

Show Rundown:

The Big POS – The feckless NCAA has done it again, screwing with the life of a promising student athlete in the name of “getting tough.” JC and Joel lay bare the NCAA’s inconsistent and idiotic policing practices, and how they’re really only looking to protect their own image, not protect student athletes.

Hot Takes – Donald Trump is turning heads on Twitter, including with the pardon of a conservative provocateur.

POS Nuggets – Roseanne Barr is a cretin, not a defender of free speech. You can read more about it here. In sports, we didn’t get the NBA Finals we needed, we got the one we deserved.

Predictions – Who wins the NBA Finals, and will Trump make a bold move?

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