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Eight-year-olds, Dude. Eight-year-olds.

More pettiness than usual in DC. Bill Barr should be confirmed, and Beto should stop journaling. In sports, Kyler Murray hype and NFL Conference Championship preview. Show rundown: -Infantile brinkmanship in DC -Bill Barr should... Read More
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Apocalypse Cow, Anti-Elitism, and NFL Goodness

There was a run on cheeseburgers in DC. Blaming “the elite” is rampant on the left and right. Plus, the NFL was remarkably good this year. Show Rundown: -Baron von Transfat’s Cheeseburger Smorgasbord -Welcome to... Read More
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Walls, Caves, Robots, and Underdogs

Will the DC Shutdown Standoff end in a Wall, or a Cave? Mitt Romney wrote something. A CFB Playoff recap, and some underdog love in wildcard weekend. Also…a tangent about robots. Show Rundown: – DC... Read More
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The Incredible, the Uncredible, and Flat-Out Bamboozling

We separate fact from speculation, and realistic from implausible explanations for all the legal issues surrounding Trump. In sports, and eight-team college football playoff, and the future of Wentz in Philly. Show Rundown: – Trump,... Read More

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