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Is It Mueller Time Yet, and Flex Culture

Speculation abounds about the Mueller report, this time whether it will even be released. The extreme Left is hating on Kamala Harris. In sports, Flex Culture and 2nd Chances. Show Rundown: When, if ever, is... Read More
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Virginia House of Sharts & Recruiting Recap

The hits keep on coming in Virginia. Will any of the state’s top three Democrats survive scandal? In sports, we recap National Signing Day and a snoozer of a Super Bowl. Show Rundown: Virginia is... Read More
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Super Bowl Preview and Killing the Middle

We preview Super Bowl LIII. In politics, we talk Trump, Trump Jr., and how the extreme Left is eroding the political middle Show Rundown: Super Bowl LIII Preview Extravaganza Trump, Twitter and the Truth Cory... Read More
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A Spoiler, a Lawsuit, and a Dose of Drama

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz Presidential trial balloon underwhelms observers. Trump threatens a lawsuit. In sports, the Anthony Davis drama seems contrived. Show Rundown: Shultz for President? Some love for Belichick Chris Christie: Voice in... Read More
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Stone Cold Busted and Unintended Consequences

Mueller gets Stone’d. Shutdown / State of the Union drama rolls on. In sports, the NCAA’s “solutions” create more problems, and some Steelers talk. Show Rundown: Roger Stone indicted and arrested. What does it mean?... Read More
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Media Maelstroms and Blown Calls

An explosive story sends DC into a tizzy for a few hours. The smirking MAGA kid controversy. A blown call costs The Saints a trip to the big game. Show Rundown: Buzzfeed’s story on Cohen,... Read More

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