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Meteorological Mania and Shocking Surprises

Meteorological media taking things to the extreme. No one in politics shocks us, but college football has plenty of surprises. Show Rundown: Dorian and the media Trump’s Sharpie Dems debate the climate Dabo, faith and... Read More
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Local Man Takes Pill, Becomes Chosen One

Trump’s latest blade-side chat was a doozy. Also…Greenland. Old white dudes prevailing in Dem contest. NFL draft busts and kicker butthurt. Show Rundown:– Trump spins, helicopter-side– Greenland or bust– Democrats are so woke– Widespread NFL... Read More
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Escalations, Outrage, and Entitlement Culture

Trade war with China ramps up amid Hong Kong protests. Our greatest export remains outrage. Sports villainy and entitlement. AOC vs. Barstool. Show Rundown:– The politics of Chinese trade and Hong Kong– An outrage-inducing headline–... Read More
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