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Biden One’s Time and Actual Debacles

Joe Biden is doing just fine, despite the numerous non-troverseys. Trouble in Oregon, and Iran gets a reprieve. In sports, legal gambling hurdles and parents behaving badly. Show Rundown: The Biden / Media disconnect Oregon... Read More
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Iran, Iran So Far Away and Other Poop Shows

Iran Status: It’s complicated. Trump again ramps up immigration rhetoric. The first Dem debate is a debacle in the making. The Lakers make moves. Show Rundown: Iran Showdown Kyle Kashuv Controversy Trump Threatens Mass Deportations... Read More
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Doubling Down, A New Nickname, and Jon Stewart

Trump doubles down on Russia. The guys coin a new nickname for the prez. Plus, more Canadian-tics, Jon Stewart, the Raptors and predictions! Show Rundown: Trump doubles down on foreign dirt Canadians talk sportsmanship A... Read More
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