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Admissions Inquisitions and Trade Propositions

College admissions and athletic scandals from Tinseltown to the Bayou and beyond. Should 737s be grounded? And some big trades in the NFL. Show rundown: The Hollywood admissions scandal and parallels to the NCAA hoops... Read More
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Goooood Morning Vietnam, and Mikey C’s Big Week

Will the Trump-Kim summit produce results? Michael Cohen prepares for a big week. In sports, Bob Kraft, Zion, and the NCAA hoops corruption trial. Show Rundown Trump-Kim Summit II Bob Kraft update Zion Williamson watch... Read More
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Brace Yourself. Mueller is Coming. Maybe.

Chatter is to expect the Mueller report sooner rather than later, but who the hell knows. Also, ways to not get rid of Trump, Zion’s shoes, and Le’Veon Bell. Show Rundown: The Mueller report may... Read More

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